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💰 Gig Pricing Structures

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

👋 Introduction

This guide explains the 3 pricing structures offered in Hussle.


Fixed pricing sets a single price for your gig. This option is best for gigs that only offer 1 type of product or service.

🎁 Packages

Packages allow you to create multiple tiers of offerings for your gig, allowing for flexibility with structuring your gig, and clarity on your offering on the buyers’ end. This option is best suited for gigs that offer different types of products in different quantities or services with certain upgrades and extras.

When creating a gig, you can create a total of 2-4 packages, each with its own title, description, and price.

💡Tip: When deciding what to include in your package, think about what will best meet your Buyers’ needs. One way to do this is to think about the most frequently requested Extras from customers, or simply think of elements that will give customers a full, well-rounded experience (as opposed to a bare-bones version of your service/product).

🎨 Custom

Custom pricing allows you to set the price for every order. This option is best suited for customized gigs that offer products and services where customers have specific requests and needs that you can tailor towards.

You will be asked to set a minimum price so customers have a good estimate of what to expect if they choose to make an order.

When a buyer makes a request for your gig, a chat will be created for you to learn more about the buyer’s request. Please use the chat to determine and agree upon the price with the customer.

If you choose to accept the order, you will be prompted to enter the agreed-upon price which will be added to the order.

⁉️ Questions

Unsure about what pricing structure to select for your gig? Have additional questions or clarifications? Please contact the Hussle team at for assistance.

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