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🦾 Gig Creation Guide

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

👋 Introduction

This step-by-step guide explains how to create a top-selling gig on Hussle!

🧗‍♀️ Steps

Register/Log in > Plus Button (+) > Create a New Gig > Start Husslin' !

🖊️ Gig Title and Description

“Keep it short and sweet!”

You have only 50 characters and 750 characters for the title and description so use it wisely. Remember that your title and description should effectively convey the details of the product/service you will be providing to your customers.

Consider creating these sections to explain your gig:

Product / Service Types: List the different products/services you will be offering!

Product/ Service Type Details: Detail the physical specifications of the different products/services you will be offering. Be as comprehensive and engaging as possible, so your customers know exactly what they will be purchasing!

Pricing and Delivery: List the different prices and delivery methods/times you will require to complete a transaction on each product/service you offer.

Special Instructions: Include any other important miscellaneous information you would like your customer to know. For example, if you offer cleaning services but are allergic to pets. Any disclaimers, warnings, important contact information should go here!

💡 Tip 1: Use searchable keywords in your title to increase your visibility on the app!

💡 Tip 2: Use our template to help you get started on crafting the perfect gig description!

💰 Pricing Model

“The moment you mess up your pricing, you are either eating into your reputation or profits.”

Select the pricing model which suits you best: fixed, packages or custom. It goes without saying that you should do this after having gone through your accounts. Don’t forget to tally your costs, profit margins and business attractiveness before setting your prices.

Unsure about which pricing structure to use for your gig? Check out this guide for more information:

🏙️ Photos

“Honesty is the best policy.”

This is your chance to show off! Include at least 2-4 high quality photos of what you will be offering. Be authentic and have fun with it.

Don’t have photos to back you up? Include graphics or testimonials that will complement your gig but remember that you can upload only unto 6.

🏷️ Category and Tags

“Everyone’s not your customer but ensure you reach the ones that actually are.”

Select the most appropriate category and most marketable tags for your product/service. You can only select 1 category so make sure to get the right one. The right category and tags will help us ensure your gig reaches the right people.

⁉️ FAQs

“Readers will ask questions. Make sure you have the answers.”

FAQs are a great way of preventing miscommunication or even excess communication. Address the most common confusions and answer the most pressing questions. Each FAQ has a character limit of 500 so feel free to be as detailed as necessary.

🌐 Website and Instagram

“Reduce, reuse, recycle.”

If you already have pre-established professional websites/business instagrams, link them here! It’s a great way of letting customers know more about your products/services.

📌 Gig Review Process

Hussle is a community platform and as such, we want to ensure that all offerings on the platform are trustworthy and top-quality.

After you submit your gig, the Customer Success team will review your gig before publishing it in the marketplace. We will provide you feedback to ensure that your gig communicated well and advertised the best it can be! If your gig needs to be revised or does not follow our community guidelines, you will receive an email about next steps and can make those changes accordingly within the app.

Please comply with our community guidelines so your gig is published and you can get to Husslin'!

Once published, if you wish to make revisions to your gig, contact our team at

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