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🤝 Fulfilling an Order

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

👋 Introduction

This guide shows you the steps of a Hussler (you) fulfilling an order for their gig.

🎟️ Gig Requests

Status: Pending

A gig request is made when a customer decides to make an order. You have the option to accept or decline the request.

If your gig uses a custom pricing option, please utilize the chat to determine and agree upon a price with the customer.

To learn more about the gig creation process, please visit the “Pricing Structures” Guide for more information.

😔 Declining a Request

Status: Declined

If you are unable to fulfill an order, select the decline button. You can optionally provide a reason for declination to let the customer know.

🤩 Accepting a Request

To accept an order means you will take it on and fulfill it. Select the accept button.

If your gig uses a custom pricing option, you will be prompted to set the agreed price upon acceptance.


🤝 Fulfilling an Order

Status: Accepted

Now, you are ready to fulfill the order. A chat is formed between you and the customer to organize and talk about the gig. Once the order has been completed, mark the gig as complete.

In order for you to receive your payment, the customer must also mark the gig as complete on their end. If the customer does not do so, the payment will be delivered to you in 24 hours since you marked the gig as complete.

💡Tip: To ensure you are paid for the gig in a timely manner, have the customer mark the gig as complete before you part ways.


✅ Order is Complete

Status: Completed

When the order is completed, the order payment will go through and your earnings will be delivered to your account balance.

💰 Cashing your earnings out via Venmo

Go to the profile page and select Balance & Transactions. Enter your Venmo username and select “payout”. Within 24 hours, the Hussle Venmo account will send you your earnings.

You can find a list of your most recent orders and transactions on this page as well.


⁉️ Disputes

If any disputes arise between you and a customer, please contact the Hussle team at We will assist you with customer service support and evaluate each report on a case-by-case basis.

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