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🤑 Become a Hussler 🤑

Want to start a side hustle but don't know where to begin? You're not alone!


We offer personalized Hussler support. That means we offer help so you can market yourself to maximize exposure, expand your business, and find success on Hussle!


Hussle's all-in-one integrated platform has all the essentials for gig management, including chat, customer relations, and more! 


We do Hussler shoutouts, and have other in-app advertising opportunities for you! We’re rooting for you here, and our app is designed to optimize your performance.


Apply to our Start your Own Side Hussle program learn the fundamentals of running a small business as a college student. The Customer Success team will provide you individualized support throughout the quarter!


Every time you refer your customer to Hussle using your code, you will get $5 off your next order!

Just to be clear, if you're already a UCLA student, you can already become a Hussler and start posting gigs without even filling out this form just by downloading the app. However, we encourage you to fill it out anyway so we can provide feedback on how to maximize your success!

Let's get started!

What Gig are you interested in offering at Hussle?

This can be a either a service you provide or product you sell.

Have you offered this Gig or another Gig in the past?

Briefly describe your experience.

Thank you! We appreciate your feedback and will get back to you if necessary. Until then, you can download the app below and begin your journey!

Available on iOS!

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